General Tank Mixing Directions

Tank mix partners properly mixed in the correct sequence can greatly reduce the chance of something going wrong in the spray tank. Improper mixing can cause many problems, including precipitation fallout, screen or nozzle plugging, and sludge. In addition to these problems being inconvenient, they also impact uniform coverage which leads to reduced efficacy. Remember to always read and follow all label directions and exercise proper handling and safety requirements of each product. Below are general tank mixing guidelines to help determine which products to put in the tank first. If in doubt about product compatibility or proper mixing order, conduct a jar test.

1. Fill spray tank ¼ to ½ full of water.

2. Add any dry tank mix partners to the water, making sure they fully dissolve before adding additional items. This can mean waiting 5 to 10 minutes before moving to the next step.

3. Add liquid non-glyphosate herbicide tank mix partners.

4. Add the appropriate rate of AMS or West Central AMS replacement:

 Jackhammer TM

 Veracity™

 Cornbelt Gardian Plus®

5. If necessary or required, add defoamer before adding glyphosate herbicide.

6. Add any WCI micronutrient blends:

 EB Mix™

 Equation™

 CopperField™

 Redline™

7. Add glyphosate herbicide.

 When using an inductor, do not add Jackhammer TM and glyphosate herbicide together. They must be added to the solution separately.

8. Add any drift and deposition adjuvants such as Sedate Max TM or Cornbelt Gardian®.

9. Fill tank to final volume and agitate.



Most pesticide products are formulated with some emulsifier in them. However, some products like wettable powders might not mix well because they contain components that do not readily dissolve in water. Likewise, petroleum-based products, such as emulsifiable concentrates, can resist mixing with water. Lastly, gravity can pull heavy products like micronutrients out of suspension, causing them to settle to the bottom of the tank. Therefore, adequate (but not excessive) agitation is critical for proper tank mixing.

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